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Short description of Telemark
Telemark is a piece of Norway in miniature. Kragerø is located in south where we find one of Norways most beautiful coastlines. Telemark is known for its water system with locks, rivers and lakes stretching 130 km into the country. From Skien the riverboats “Victoria” and “Henrik Ibsen” make up a comfortable transportation possibility through this scenic nature with 21 locks once a day except Sundays. In Tinn and Western Telemark we find the high mountains with Hardangervidda and Frolandsheiene towards Hovden and Setesdalsheiene. The main connection road between east and west, E-134, is passing through the middle of the county.


Tokke with 2560 inhabitants is located at the end of Telemark Canal. Dalen is the administrative centre where we find the venerable Dalen Hotel. The landscape in Tokke is varied and dramatic. The community has rich cultural traditions brought forward by new generations.
Folk arts like tree work, rose painting, fiddle playing, silver work, knife making are still alive.
For more info contact the tourist office at telephone 35 07 56 56 or www.visitdalen.com.